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Dr. Jeffrey Eisen, Enlightenment Therapist's evolving work on an Energy Backed Currency is being recognized at the international level ! He's been invited to speak at the "Tesla Conference" in Split, Croatia next month. 
http:// www.teslaconference.com/

Hares Youssef of the 40 Foundation (http://the40.org/) and the New Economics Foundation (http://www.neweconomics.org/) have launched an annual event which seeks to bring forward whole-world socially transformative solutions for debate at the legislative level globally. The goal of this year's conference is "to place the study of alternative monetary systems within mainstream economic thinking and put global monetary reform onto the political agenda." 

Since the publishing of Omnius Manifesto on October 18, 2011--a day after Occupy Wallstreet went viral--Jeff has expanded this work in nine related essays that brings clarity to the real cause of humanity's plight, and shows how to positively embrace and redirect human nature to prevent humanity from destroying itself. Energy Backed Currency is just one element, but together, these essays form a comprehensive meta-solution which can move the world from the grips of its present scarcity-based economy to a rapidly transformative one based upon abundance. This body of work is an economic reality of human nature that can be referred to as HUMANOMICS; it is a gift for the world to embrace.

His paper, "HUMANOMICS - A Whole Systems Approach to Economics - From An Energy-Backed Currency to a Consciousness-backed Culture Through Redefining Profit" will be available for download shortly. Likewise, his Tesla Conference presentation will come online Wednesday July 11, 2012. However, if you are interested in receiving a draft copy, please send us an e-mail.

Dr. Eisen's will present his paper at 8:30 AM EST / 2:30 PM GMT+1 in Split, Croatia. For more details, see the full conference program.


Those of us who wish to make changes to our world are well aware of the intransigence of an interconnected world, where everything affects everything.  The task at hand is to find those aspects of the whole system that will have ripple effects throughout.  Economics is that portal, and of course, the most entrenched aspect of the system, built upon the consciousness of scarcity emerging from the competition of the evolutionary process itself.  Yet, taking a whole-system perspective, this paper identifies several possible (albeit contentious) strategies that would turn human motivation and behavior toward a consideration of the whole system.  These include: moving toward an energy-backed currency and value-based economy, redefining profit through four column bookkeeping that includes impacts on the earth as a whole, taxation that takes whole-system impacts into account, and redefining competition toward the greatest good.  Of course, implementing new economic strategies will always face the problem of the scarcity consciousness upon which old strategies have arisen, but steps such as these can build a new global, abundance consciousness, and lead us toward sustainable change.

Download full paper here.

Taken from and expanding previous essays by Eisen, J.S. (2011a, b).

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